BEST FOR KIDS "Club of graduates" questionnaire
The "Club of graduates" is a project of the BEST FOR KIDS Foundation to support orphanage graduates (read more about the project here).

Please fill out the questionnaire to take part in the project.
Indicate your name
Indicate your surname
Your e-mail
Indicate your email
Your phone number
Date of birth
Place of residence
Indicate your current place of residence
Which orphanage did you attend?
Indicate the name of the orphanage you attended
When did you leave your orphanage?
Indicate the year in which you left you orphanage
What do you do now?
Education level
Indicate your education level (even if you are working)
Place of education
Write the name of the educational institution, where you are studying / studied in the past
Your specialization (specialization of your education)
Indicate your professional specialization (if you are working) or the specialization of your education (if you are a student)
Year of graduation from your educational institution
If you are still a student, indicate the year you plan to finish your studies
Your place of work
Indicate the company you work for (if you are working)
Your work schedule
Indicate your type of work schedule
What courses did you take, what do you know how to do?
For example: Completed driving / sewing / accounting / English courses. I know how to embroider / repair cell phones / collect flowers, etc.
What are your hobbies, passions, and interests in your free time?
What are your hobbies in your free time from study and work?
What would you like to learn?
What courses would you like to take?
How often would you like to meet at the “club of graduates”?
What role can you take on in organizing events in the “club of graduates”?
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